Wholesale 6 Fast Growing Ludisia discolor orchids

Wholesale 6 Fast Growing Ludisia discolor orchids

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6 baby plants in a grow tray
Super easy to grow
Lovely foliage
Patterned greenish-brown leaves

Jewel orchids are usually grown for their foliage, not the flower.  

These orchids grow in very low light at the bottom of tropical forests and are kept moist by the rains. We grow them slightly damp, starting off in potting soil or promix (they are terrestrials) and moving to sphagnum moss as they grow. Keep these warm, and fertilize lightly about twice a month. These produce a small white flower that is really nothing special. But the leaves are fabulous.

These are in a grow tray and we will ship you six, still in the tray, picking out the largest for you. Pot them up in two- or three-inch pots. These are great for windowsill growers, as they don't take up much space. Just make sure it's a shady window. Makes an excellent terrarium plant

You are purchasing six seedlings. The leaves are 2 to 3 inches long already, and we always ship the largest. Allow to dry almost completely (but not quite) between waterings. Grow these in deep shade or low light. The second picture shows some of these that we have potted up.

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