The Samurai Orchid, Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata, blooming size

The Samurai Orchid, Vanda (Neofinetia) falcata, blooming size

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Neofinetia falcata is now Vanda falcata. That doesn't change the fact that it is one of the most marvelous true miniatures in cultivation. It is also called the Samurai orchid or the Japanese Wind Orchid. It has been prized by the Japanese warriors and the elite for many hundreds of years. At one time it was illegal for anyone except a Samurai warrior to own one. Now we can all grow this true gem. 

It rarely has a leaf span of more than 4 inches, but forms big clusters quickly. The pure white flowers are an inch or more tall, shaped like an oriental character and have a nectar spur often 3 times the length of the sweetly fragrant flower. Their blooming season is summer to fall. Grow them much like a Phalaenopsis.

These all have several growths in the pot and should bloom in season. Get yours before they do.

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