Stanhopea jenischiana, Weird and Wonderful, Blooming Size, Shipping Included

Stanhopea jenischiana, Weird and Wonderful, Blooming Size, Shipping Included

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For you folks who like the weird ones: Stanhopea jenischiana. The good news is these are spectacular with flowers up to 6 inches across in clusters with as many as 6 individual flowers. The bad news is that they are short lived, but mature growths can produce multiple spikes over a month or two. They have an interesting fragrance. They prefer intermediate conditions temps from 60 to 80. The light should be bright but not a lot of direct sun or the leaves will bleach or burn.  Keep them moist and fertilize every couple of weeks with a balance fertilizer. These are in 5 inch hanging baskets because the spikes emerge form the bottom of the basket and hang down. Some folks grow them mounted but we like baskets best.

Several times a year we import plants just to get some unusual things for our customers. This is one of those.  They have good roots and look good. There are a few blemishes on the foliage but this is typical. Usually we wait a couple of months before offering imported plants to make sure they will grow okay, but these look so good we decided to offer them now. 

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