Cattleya Cosmos 'Laina' AM/AOS seedling, cherry red flowers

Cattleya Cosmos 'Laina' AM/AOS seedling, cherry red flowers

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The flowers on these puppies look almost good enough to eat!

Cosmos is in the cattleya family and the breeding is Cattleya coccinea x Cattleya Cherry Chip. The latter is Cattleya Angelwalker x Cattleya intermedia.

Cosmos is a miniature, and can flower when quite small. This is a clone of the 81-point award winner.

The judges had this to say about the flower: "One round, full flower and one bud on two inflorescences; sepals cerise; petals cream-colored, overlaid with cerise on inner portions with darker cerise veins to solid cerise outer portions; lip cream-colored centrally with dark cerise veins to near solid distal portion; column white; substance good; texture of sepals diamond dust, petals velvety."

These make great windowsill plants, as they won't get too big. They are in two-inch pots at present; you could move up to 3-inch if you like. We always ship the largest. We think you can expect flowers in 12 to 18 months, but of course it's an orchid, so it has a mind of its own.

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