Rlc. (cattleya) Hawaiian Deluxe orchid blooming size

Rlc. (cattleya) Hawaiian Deluxe orchid blooming size

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An instant classic!
Easy to grow, instructions included
NOT in flower now, expect blooms in 12 months or so
Will produce stunning pink and yellow flowers
Great windowsill plant

This one makes lovely, large flowers (four inches across or more) with bright pink flowers and yellow and red centers.
Really pretty. And fragrant.

And always free shipping.

The breeding is Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song x Rlc. Pratum Green. These came to us in a large wholesale order and we have not seen one bloom yet. Originated by one of the growers in Hawaii. Pictured is the kind of plant you are purchasing. We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you. We always ship the largest.

You might want to repot on arrival; we simply don't have the time. Expect flowers in 12 to 14 months or so, which is our definition of blooming size.

Cattleyas like these are easy to grow, and very rewarding.  Good plants for beginners. We include free growing instructions. You pretty much can't go wrong.  

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