Rare, Blooming Size, Peristeria elata, The Dove Orchid

Rare, Blooming Size, Peristeria elata, The Dove Orchid

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These are called the dove orchid or the Holy Ghost orchid. They have tall sprays of waxy, white, fragrant flowers on tall stems. These plant should bloom late this coming winter. They all have new growth and are freshly repotted in sphagnums moss. They like warm temps and lots of water during their growing season. They are semi-deciduous and have a short resting period in the late fall and early winter before they set their bloom spikes. Reduce watering during this time. They may lose their leaves then, but don't worry that's natural. resume full watering when you see the spikes or new growth start. These are marvelous additions to any collection. But be warned they can get large, 3 feet tall or so.

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