Phalaenopsis (phal) Taida King's Caroline AM/AOS blooming size

Phalaenopsis (phal) Taida King's Caroline AM/AOS blooming size

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Phalaenopsis (phal)
Taida King's Caroline AM/AOS blooming size orchid

We don't sell a lot of phals, but some of the newer breeding from the Taiwan growers has caught our fancy.

This one is the 'Taida Little Zebra' AM/AOS cultivar. Charming, No?
These are blooming size, in 3-inch pots, with a leaf span of 8 to 9 inches or more. We think they are likely to spike up within the next 12 to 14 months or so.

Phals are among the best orchids for beginners. The flowers often last for months, and they are easy to care for -- provide low light, keep moist but not sopping wet, fertilize weakly twice a month.

Do NOT overwater and do NOT put an ice cube on them. Phals are tropical plants and they have NEVER met an ice cube - that's just a marketing gimmick. Repot after the next blooming.

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