In Spike Now! Oncidium Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' fragrant orchid

In Spike Now! Oncidium Aka Baby 'Raspberry Chocolate' fragrant orchid

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Like Sharry Baby on steroids. The plants produce chunkier flowers with more substance. 

And fragrance. Overlaying rich chocolate is a touch of fresh raspberries. What's not to love?

Unfortunately there is some minor leaf damage on a few of the leaves. It can be trimmed or left. You're choice. But that is why we are offering these at $10.00 of the regular price

These will open in 4 to 5 weeks And you will have flowers and this wonderful fragrance for spring.

Growing instructions included.

Good plant for beginners

Tall branching spikes with multiple flowers that have a sweet scent of chocolate with a hint of raspberry. Grow in intermediate to warm temperatures, medium light levels and fertilize weakly twice a month. The flowers last 2+ months and this plant has the nice habit of flowering twice per year.

Oncidium hybrids make great gifts for yourself or a loved one as they are low maintenance orchids with long-lasting flowers.

These are wonderful large plants. The breeding is Oncidium Jimbo x Oncidium Sharry Baby.

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