Onc. Sweet Sugar, famous Dancing Lady orchid in spike

Onc. Sweet Sugar, famous Dancing Lady orchid in spike

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This one is great for beginners, very easy to grow and bloom.


It will dazzle you when it blooms, throwing out a spray of lovely yellow flowers that look a little like Cinderella in her ball gown. Mature plants can put out multiple spikes. This is the 'Lemon Drop' cultivar. The flowers come out nearly all yellow, absent the  mahogany you see in some dancing ladies.


If you've always wanted to grow orchids, or you want to go "beyond the supermarket phalaenopsis," this is a good plant to start a collection. It's easy to grow and easy to bloom, so it's great for beginners. And it makes a great gift for someone new to the hobby.


The breeding is Oncidesa Aloha Iwanaga x Gomesa varicosa.


Mature plants can have dozens of flowers per bloom spike and one of the awarded ones had 148 flowers open at once.



These plants stand 10 inches high or more measured from the bottom of the pot. In spike now. They're easy to grow, too. Medium light and water are best, fertilize weakly twice a month.


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