Nicely started Wilsonara Space Mine orchid seedling, makes red flowers

Nicely started Wilsonara Space Mine orchid seedling, makes red flowers

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Will produce lovely red blooms
Easy and fun to grow, instructions included
Good plant for beginners

This one is Wilsonara Space Mine 'Red Rendezvous', an oncidium orchid seedling that will put out lovely red flowers once it grows up.

NOT in flower or spike now. We think it's likely to flower in 18 months or so if properly grown

CAUTION: NO shipping to any locations where the nightly lows are below 32 degrees.

A member of the oncidium family, this orchid (Onc. sphacelatum x Onc. Carmine) will put out clouds of red flowers on multiple spikes when mature. Considered an easy grower.  

When it blooms, the flowers are just amazing -- bright red to red-orange, with dabs of yellow in the centers.

These are easy to grow. Medium light and water are best, fertilize very weakly twice a month. We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you.

The picture shows the kind of flowers to expect, and one of the plants in a 3-inch pot in our greenhouse. These seedlings stand 8 to 10 inches high already, measured from the bottom of the pot. And yes, we include free growing instructions.

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