Nicely started Cattleya schilleriana species orchid seedling

Nicely started Cattleya schilleriana species orchid seedling

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Flowers: Spots with pink to lavender lip
Easy to grow
Seedling, not in bud now
Will produce fragrant flowers
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Cattleya schilleriana is a species of bifoliate cattleya orchid that is native to coastal eastern Brazil. Today it is widely considered extinct in nature.

It's considered a miniature, and mature plants won't get much taller than 10 inches. But it can produce amazingly fragrant flowers that are up to 4 inches across.

The ones we have are seedlings freshly repotted in 3-inch pots, and probably 18 months or so from first blooming.

But when they bloom, there can be 4 to 6 flowers on each bloom spike. Petals and sepals, in varying shades of tan, brown and mahogany, are overlaid with intensely colored spots. It's a spring to early summer bloomer.

Cattleyas are good beginner orchids, as they can take a little more abuse than many orchids.

We include free growing instructions.

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