Miltonidium Melissa Brianne 'Dark' orchid nice seedling

Miltonidium Melissa Brianne 'Dark' orchid nice seedling

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These produce lovely flowers, and mature plants produce lots and lots of them. One award winner had 16 flowers and 6 buds on four spikes.

The ones offered here are nice seedlings, freshly repotted in 3-inch pots. Probably two years or so from first flowering, but well worth the wait. They go for $50 to $60 in full bloom.

Grow these slightly on the cool side, as the breeding is Miltonia Anne Warne x Oncidium Mrs. Rudolf Pabst, and the miltonia is a bit of a cool grower. They will do fine as house plants, you don't need a greenhouse to grow these.

These are clones of one that produced exceptionally dark purple flowers, hence the clonal name. No awards yet, as far as we know, but honors are possible. 

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