Milt. Hajime Ono 'Raspberry' orchid, blooming size

Milt. Hajime Ono 'Raspberry' orchid, blooming size

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This one is Miltoniopsis Hajime Ono 'Raspberry,' a beautiful orchid. It will put out stunning flowers like the one pictured.


These are large, previously bloomed plants..


The breeding on this mericlone is Miltoniopsis Martin Orenstein x Miltoniopsis Pearl Ono. Because it's a clone, the flowers should all look very  much like the one pictured.

These orchids are in 4-inch pots. Potted in sphagnum moss. Most have a little dark green sheet moss on top of the media. Feel free to repot on arrival.  They sometimes bloom in the fall, but spring is the main blooming season.


We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you. We always ship the largest. They are NOT in flower now.


Miltoniopsis orchids are cool growers. Often called "The Pansy Orchid," many of them have a wonderful fresh fragrance. For home and hobby growers, we recommend them as a house plant. Just give them moderate indirect light, water thoroughly three times a week, fertilize weakly every two weeks. Provide a temperature range of 60 to 75 degrees or so. These do very well under lights. We include free growing instructions.


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