Rare, large flowered, Maxillaria grandifolia, Blooming Size, Shipping Included

Rare, large flowered, Maxillaria grandifolia, Blooming Size, Shipping Included

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Max. grandifolia is one of the largest Maxillarias. The plants are about 2 feet tall. The flowers are presented on upright spikes anywhere from 4 to ten inches tall and the flowers for this genus they are huge up to 4 inches across. They are spring bloomer and prefer intermediate conditions, temps form 60 to 75. They need moderaately bright light and can stand a little early morning sun. They like a lot of water while actively growing and then reduced water during a short rest period. They should be fertilized with a balanced fertilizer every couple of weeks when actively growing and that like the water should be reduced a month or two after the new growth matures. The best of these can be spectacular with a ruby lip and pure white sepals and petals. No guarantees but there is the potential. These are freshly potted in 4 1/2 inch pots.

Several times a year we import plants just to get some unusual things for our customers. This is one of those.  They have good roots and look good. There are a few blemishes on the foliage but this is typical. Usually we wait a couple of months before offering imported plants to make sure they will grow okay, but these look so good we decided to offer them now. 

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