Large Paph St. Swithin orchid seedling

Large Paph St. Swithin orchid seedling

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St. Swithin is one of the most stunning of all the primary paph hybrids, putting out large, colorful flowers on tall, elegant stems.

The breeding is Paph rothschildianum x Paph philippinense. They are easy growers and will often put out flowers on a single growth and a start.

This one is a seedling, with a 12 inch leaf span in a two-inch pot. These came to us in a large wholesale order and we don't know the particulars of the parents.

The first picture shows a nice St. Swithin flower in our greenhouse; the second shot is the plant you are purchasing.

Be patient and grow this one up -- you will likely win some blue ribbons. Our bigger, more mature plants are putting out multiple spikes, with two to four flowers per spike. If you're a beginner with ladyslippers, this is a nice, high-quality orchid to start with that will give you very rewarding flowers. Likely to bloom in 24 months or so. We include free growing instructions.

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