In Spike Now, Ons. Eye Candy, The Name Says It All. Shipping Included

In Spike Now, Ons. Eye Candy, The Name Says It All. Shipping Included

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Like Vanilla Ice Cream drenched with cherry syrup, these have red/pink splashes over white and touched with yellow in the center.

You may see these called Oncidium or Wilsonara, The orchid gods keep changing the names on us, right now they are Oncostele Eye Candy.

These are in spike and most have 2 spikes. They will have 5 to 8 or more flowers per 12 to 16 inch spike and will bloom twice a year when happy. Right now they are in 3 1/2 inch pots. They should be in full flower in about 3 or 4 weeks.

Grow in medium light with intermediate to warm temperatures. Water as the potting mix approaches dryness. We grow these in New Zealand sphagnum moss which seems to work best for these. Repot into fresh moss every year or so. If you use a bark mix they can go a little longer between repottings. Fertilize every 3 weeks or close with a balanced fertilizer.

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