Blooming size green & white striped ladyslipper orchid

Blooming size green & white striped ladyslipper orchid

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This hybrid is relatively new, and the cross is producing some beautiful green and white striped flowers. It's called Paph Spring Wolf. The breeding is Paphiopedilum Dire Wolf 'Green Glory' x Paphiopedilum Spring Moonbeam 'Dorsal Dominance'.


These are classic green and white maudiae-type paphs and they have all reached blooming size. They could flower anytime now but they are not in bud at present.


You can expect there to be some variety in the flowers, as these are a seed cross, but all should be really pretty.


These plants are in 3.5 inch pots, and they have a leaf span of 7 to 8 inches or so.


We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you.


These are easy to grow (good beginner orchid) -- provide moderately low light, keep from drying out completely, fertilize weakly (3-3-3) every three or four weeks.


We include free growing instructions.


 If you're ready to go "beyond the phal,' these are a good bet.


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