Hard to find Paph armeniacum, near blooming size

Hard to find Paph armeniacum, near blooming size

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This is a species orchid miniature, native to China, that puts out spectacular yellow flowers ranging in tone from rich lemon to jonquil to egg yolk, with a speckling of magenta.

They are simply a must-have in every paph collection.

Award winning flowers can have a natural spread of 8.5 cm or so and be breathtakingly beautiful.

These are easy growers, too. In their native habitat winters are cool, wet, and cloudy, and the summers are bright, warm and dry. We try to mimic the conditions in their natural habitat although not to the extreme found in southern China.

Fertilize weakly every two to three weeks. Use distilled water now and again to wash away salts in the mix. Repot in the spring after flowering or in the fall using a medium grade bark mix.

These plants are in two-inch pots with a leaf span of 2.5 to 3 inches or so. These are minature orchids and they bloom when rather small.We always ship the largest.

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