Fragrant Zygopetalum Blue Blazes orchid, in spike now

Fragrant Zygopetalum Blue Blazes orchid, in spike now

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  • Easy to grow
  • In the Zygopetalum family of orchids
  • In spike now
  • 15 inches high or more

We love zygopetalums because they are easy to grow and produce wonderfully fragrant flowers with mahogany spots over olive green in the petals and sepals, and a wonderful blue / purple lip.

Zygo Blue Blazes is Zygopetalum Blue Banks x Zygopetalum Kiwi Geyser. The flowers will be rather fragrant, and pleasingly so,  usually at mid-day.

The ones we have are mericlones, so they all should be beautiful. They have multiple growths and they stand 15 inches high or more measured from the bottom of the 4-inch pot. In spike now.

This orchid's generic name, derived from the Greek word "zygon," means "yoked petal." It refers to the yoke-like growth at the base of the lip caused by the fusion of petals and sepals Thse are native to humid forests in South America at low- to mid-elevation regions, with most species found in Brazil.

Grow this one in bright indirect light, in a temperature range of 55 to 85 degrees. Try not to let it dry out completely, but don't keep it sopping wet. Fertilize twice a month. We include free growing instructions. One of these in bloom at an orchid show would sell for $45 or more, so be patient, and enjoy the blooms when it flowers.

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