Fragrant Sedirea japonica species, Blooming size, somewhat rare

Fragrant Sedirea japonica species, Blooming size, somewhat rare

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  • In the Vanda family of orchids
  • Grow like a phalaenopsis
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  • Seedling, Not in bloom now
This is a really interesting and amazingly fragrant little orchid called Sedirea japonica. We usually don't offer plants not in spike but these are close and they are rare and hard to find. So here is your chance to get a truly neat orchid.

It’s a member of the Vanda family, but you grow it like a phalaenopsis, in a pot in moderate indirect light. These are native to Japan and Korea.

The thumbnail size pink and cream flowers are very attractive, but the really cool thing is that they smell like night-blooming jasmine – just wonderful, but not too sweet. And they are are fragrant both day and night.

We have a bunch of these and they are coming along nicely. We'll pick out a nice one for you. We always ship the largest.  They are near blooming size and some might bloom this winter. The leaf span is 4 to 5 inches and they are growing in 3 inch pots. A mature plant can have six or seven spikes at once.

These are considered compact growers, so if you have a space crunch they are ideal additions to your orchid collection.

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