Fragrant Dendrobium kingianum orchid blooming size, white flowers

Fragrant Dendrobium kingianum orchid blooming size, white flowers

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These orchids, native to eastern Australia, put out small white flowers with a giant-size fragrance. And they are relatively compact, attractive plants, even when not in bloom.

Dendrobium kingianum, also called the white or pink rock orchid for both its color and natural habitat, grows normally down to 35 degrees, but does best in a warmer environment.  You can grow these on an east windowsill.

These are excellent beginner's orchids because they can withstand a broad range of temperatures and an occasional lapse in the watering schedule.

The first picture shows typical flowers; the second picture shows some blooming size kingianums that we just repotted. We’ll pick out a nice one for you and ship it right in the pot.

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