Easy to grow Howeara Lava Burst orchid seedling

Easy to grow Howeara Lava Burst orchid seedling

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This one is Howeara Lava Burst, a miniature orchid that is a real cutie, and super easy to grow. These are seedling size, freshly repotted into 3-inch pots.


Lava Burst is an intergeneric hybrid (Howeara Mini-Primi x Rodriguezia lanceolata). But forget all that orchid-speak and just enjoy the bright red flowers. Some mature plants have 100 or more blooms all at once.


These guys can flower twice a year once mature, with multiple sprays of deep red, long lasting flowers. We think you can expect first flowers within a year if properly grown.


This is a compact plant -- about 10 inches high when mature -- so it's great for windowsill growers and folks with not a lot of space. Grow these in moderately bright indirect light. Water when almost completely dry. Fertilize twice a month, rather weakly. You pretty much can't go wrong.


We'll pick out a nice one for you and ship freshly repotted. The picture shows the kind of flowers to expect, and some of the plants. We will ship in the pot.


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