Dwarf Cavendish banana plants, nicely started seedlings

Dwarf Cavendish banana plants, nicely started seedlings

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These baby banana plants will grow up to produce large bunches of sweet delicious fruit.

This one is called Dwarf Cavendish. Cavendish bananas are the ones you see in most grocery stores, and they are in cultivation in many places in the world, especially Central and Latin America.

These were developed to grow only to roughly 8 feet, so you won't need a ladder to harvest the fruit. Young leaves have purple or red blotches, but they turn green as they grow and produce large flowers. The banana that grows out of the flowers is the same size as a regular Cavendish banana with a length of 6 to 10 inches. 

These can be planted in the garden in warmer climates, and they make great container plants in more temperate areas. Will not survive a hard freeze.

They grow very fast, so be prepared to repot in a larger container in a few months. Keep them moist and plant in regular potting soil. Fertilize with a well-balanced product on a regular basis.

We recommend increasing pot size as needed. Ultimately you'll need three gallon containers. Probably about 1.5 to 2 years from first fruiting.

Ours are freshly repotted into 3-inch pots, and they are actively growing. 12 to 15 inches high already.

    * Temp: For best growth above 65°F is recommended. Wind tolerant

    * Light: Slightly filtered sun, no less than 30% shade. Foliage growers should use 30%-60% shade.

    * Soil: Good water holding capacity is needed

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