Dendrobium kingianum, small flowers huge fragrance, blooming size

Dendrobium kingianum, small flowers huge fragrance, blooming size

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  • Great orchid for beginners
  • Flowers are incredibly fragrant
  • Native to Australia
  • Blooming size, but not in flower now

These easy-to-grow orchids, native to eastern Australia, put out small purple to lavender to pink flowers with a giant-size fragrance. And they are attractive plants, even when not in bloom.

This is the pink variety. Dendrobium kingianum, also called the pink rock orchid for both its color and natural habitat, grows normally down to 40 degrees, but bring it indoors in the winter. We find they do OK in our warm greenhouse, too, but good air movement helps.

These are excellent beginner's orchids because they can withstand a broad range of temperatures and an occasional lapse in the watering schedule. They do like bright light -- early sun, then bright shade. These are in 3.5 inch pots, with multiple growths. We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you.

Den. kingianum was named for Sir George King, the 19th century director of the Calcutta Botanic Garden. The pictures show the kind of flowers to expect, and one of the plants.

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