Delightful Dendrobium Chocolate Chip orchid, in bud now

Delightful Dendrobium Chocolate Chip orchid, in bud now

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Flowers can last two months or more
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This one is what's called a Latouria dendrobium. Species in this section are characterized by large flowers usually white, yellow or green with black or purple markings on the inner surfaces.

This one is a hybrid, Den. Micro Chip crossed with Den. normanbyense.

It's a unique miniature orchid that puts out sprays of delicate, speckled, white flowers. The speckles on this one give it it's name -- Chocolate Chip. The chips are on the back side of the flowers. Said to be lightly fragrant at certain times of the day. Some folks think the flowers smell like cinnamon.

These are in bud now; expect flowers in 3 to 4 weeks. These are in 3-inch pots; do not repot until the flowers come and go. They are in grow pots, so you might want to slip the plastic pot inside something a little more attractive.

Water sparingly. Bright, indirect light. Good air movement helps. We have a bunch of these and we'll pick out a nice one for you.

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