In Bud Now! Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song 'Virgin'

In Bud Now! Cattleya Hawaiian Wedding Song 'Virgin'

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With their buds swelling in the sheaths they are at the perfect stage to safely ship. We were hoping they would be in bloom by Mother's Day but cloudy cool conditions held them back. But they are ready now and you don't have to be having a June wedding to get one.

This one is a classic white orchid, a must-have for any orchid collection. They are and absolutely stunning pristine white with just a touch of pale yellow in the throat and as a plus they are sweetly fragrant. The flowers are about 4.5 inches wide and they often display in a cluster. These orchids are easy to grow, hardy and forgiving. Grow this hybrid in dappled light to bright indirect light conditions. These are standard size first bloom Cattleya clones and will need to be repotted after they finish blooming. They are spring to summer bloomers.

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