Bulbophyllum medusa

Bulbophyllum medusa

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Will produce lovely, but strange looking flowers
Medusa was that mythological lady creature with the hair of writhing serpents, so you can see how this orchid got its name.

Eventually big specimen plants need to be divided anr repotted. These are divisions from one of our show plants that had just become ungainly. These are nice size division and all have multiple new growths. They should bloom next fall if properly grown.

That should not be dificult these divisions grow like weeds. Grow this plant in moderate light (like a phal) , water it just about every other day and fertilize weakly weekly. Try to keep it above 50 degrees, and no warmer than 90.

The flowers on this orchid are relatively short-lived – about three days or so -- but just amazing, white with masses of wiry tentacles surrounding a creamy interior, sometimes with a dusting of red spots.

These are native to warm areas of India and Thailand. They are also sometimes called Cirrhopetalum medusae. They do very well mounted, also.

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