Brassavola subulifolia species orchid seedling, 2-inch pot

Brassavola subulifolia species orchid seedling, 2-inch pot

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Similar to the more common Brassavola nodosa, this somewhat hard-to find-orchid is also known as Brassavola cordata. It's native to Jamaica, and grows well on wooden or ceramic mounts. It's known for the heart-shaped lip on the flowers, similar to nodosa.

The leaves are long and thin, often ridged on top. The leaves can be 8 to 15 inches on mature plants. The flowers are fragrant, but usually at night, as they evolved to attract night-flying insects as pollinators. Flower spikes usually carry four to six flowers.

The ones we have are large seedlings growing in two-inch pots. We recommend mounting them on arrival, using sphagnum moss around the roots and attaching the plants to a wooden mount using strips of old pantyhose. Water when almost dry, which may be nearly daily in some environments.

They are generally considered to require intermediate temperatures. No direct sunlight, but dappled light is OK.

Our guess is that they are two years or so from first flowering. We have a number of them and we'll pick out a nice one for you. We always ship the largest.

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