Blc. Hsinying Grand Catherine blooming size cattleya orchid

Blc. Hsinying Grand Catherine blooming size cattleya orchid

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Blooming size but NOT in flower now
Will produce simply stunning flowers

This one makes lovely, large, snow-white flowers with a purple lip and some bright yellow in the throat. Really pretty.

The breeding on this mericlone is Orglade's Grand x Hsinying Catherine.  Often, but not always fragrant

Blooming size -- we think they are likely to flower within a year if properly grown. But no guarantees; it's an orchid so it has a mind of its own.

These came to us in a large wholesale order, in need of repotting, and we'll handle that chore for you before we ship. We don't think you need to repot on arrival, but if you do, expect to see some brown roots, mostly from the coloring that washes off the fir bark in our orchid mix.

Cattleyas like these are easy to grow, and very rewarding.  Good plants for beginners. We include free growing instructions. You pretty much can't go wrong.

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