Bc. Binosa 'Key Lime' orchid in bud first bloom seedling

Bc. Binosa 'Key Lime' orchid in bud first bloom seedling

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The 'Key Lime' cultivar of this orchid is one of the nicest around, and these are mericlones of one of the better ones.

The breeding is Brassavola nodosa x Cattleya bicolor. Like its nodosa parent, this primary hybrid has a lovely fragrance, but only at night, NOT during the day.

These are first-bloom seedlings in 3-inch pots, in spike now. Please wait to repot or mount until after the flowers come and go.

Like the nodosa, these have a similar growth habit and do very well mounted. Water more frequently if mounted.

Mature plants can have lots of flowers on multiple spikes. One award winner had 33 flowers.

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