Blooming Size, Amazing Miltoniopsis Andrea West

Blooming Size, Amazing Miltoniopsis Andrea West

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Blooming size, but not in spike right now. These are lagre plants and we expect them to spike up soon and bloom this spring.

Easy to grow

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Miltoniopsis Andrea West will produce beautiful yellow flowers, with a pink blush. They are  usually fragrant in the middle of the day.

These are mature plants with several growths in 4-inch pots. They should make an amazing display this spring.

Miltoniopsis orchids are native to the Andes Mountains in South America. Often called "The Pansy Orchid," many of them have a wonderful fresh fragrance. For home and hobby growers, we recommend them as a house plant. Just give them moderate indirect light, water thoroughly three times a week, fertilize weakly every two weeks. These are intermediate growers. That means they like the AC as much as you. Provide a temperature range of 65 to 80 degrees or so. Good air movement helps. These do very well under lights.

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