Blooming size Aerangis luteoalba Var. Rhodesticta

Blooming size Aerangis luteoalba Var. Rhodesticta

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These are fairly rare. You don't see them in the grocery store. They are true miniatures that put on an amazing show. The individual flowers are an inch or a touch more across with that bright red column.  The maximum leaf span is 6 to maybe 8 inches. The spikes will dwarf the leaves.  These are blooming size seedlings and could throw a spike at any time. But don't expect a massive display the first time around. Be patient and they will amaze you. Grow them much like a Phalaenopsis, but with a touch more light. Give them good humidity and let them almost dry before watering. These are in 3 inch pots but they are good candidates for mounting or growing in hanging baskets. 

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